NeuroTrance™ Coaching,

helps you to take back the reigns of your life by transforming your neurology and your subconscious so you align with your highest intentions for yourself, your life, and how you show up in the world.

NeuroTrance™ Coaching is an invitation to embrace yourself in the eyes of unconditional love, so you can heal to your very core and truly see what you are made of beyond the doubts, fears, and old stories that have held you back for so long... so you can SHINE BRIGHTLY™ owning your potential and loving who you are so you can powerfully show up in life and share your gifts with the world.




NeuroTrance™ Yoga

is the ultimate Mind-Body-Soul-LIFE™ Yoga practice which integrates NeuroTrance™ Coaching, so you can empower your life by grounding the awareness and shifts of these deep, pivotal changes physically, mentally, and emotionally spiritually, creating lightening fast results. It is essentially the art and practice of becoming the YOU,

you desire.


Sexy Magnetic™

Programs & Courses

Sexy Magnetic™ Programs and Courses offer a powerful elixir by combining and harnessing the powers of NeuroTrance™ Coaching with NeuroTrance™ Yoga for dynamicly tailored programs to get lightning fast targeted results.

Sexy Magnetic

Programs and Courses

Are you ready to LOVE your life?

Sexy Magnetic™

Love Your Body

Release the weight and finally LOVE your body inside and out!

Sexy Magnetic™

Glow Up Routine

Glow Up to your Full Potential and


Sexy Magnetic™


Magnetic Love

Heal your Heart and

Activate Magnetic Love

About Vanessa

Vanessa Smith is the creator and founder of NeuroTrance™ Coaching and NeuroTrance™ Yoga and a Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Demolition Coach™. She has spent over a decade working with an extensive client list including Fortune 500 Executives, Professional Athletes, Actors, Musicians, Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Creative Artists as well as everyday heroes including single moms, firefighters

and the list goes on.

Vanessa is passionate about cultivating the very best from her clients motivating and challenging them to dive deep utilizing NeuroTrance™ Coaching & NeuroTrance™ Yoga so they can reach their most desired outcomes, truly seeing what they are made of and enjoying every step of the way!

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